Bless Support are celebrating their one year anniversary 17th August 2017

Jenny Chapman talks to Ine members of Redbridge Rotary Club on 23rd May 2017

Here is a rather unpleasant fact we person is diagnosed with dementia eve, three minuses. Dementia Is more common now in pert because people are living longer, they also have a less healthy diet and lifestyle than past generations, where most People did physical labour until the day they died.

Research shows that people who regularly engage in social interaction maintain their brain vitality, but the combination of physical and mental of with social engagements is more effective then any of these factors alone. Other research.. that sports, cultural activities with emotional support ancl close personal relationships appear to have a protective effect against dernentia. Jenny Chapman came along to talk to Ine members of Redbridge Rotary Club on 23rd May and to tell us about Bless Support which she launched in 2018 This is very personal service, for groups of 3 to 9 people, who are encouraged to take part in various leisure activities such as baking, painting, arts ancl crafts ancl some gentle sports, aimed to stimulate and encourage socialisation. as well as giving respite to carers, Jenny's professional training and years of experience enables her to offers advice and support Co dementia sufferers who may feel lonely, depressed and anxious.