Bless Support regrets to inform that it will sadly be closing until further notice


For Jenny Chapman, Director, Bless Support 2016

Brightening Lives Elderly Social Stimulation

  • Mr A told me how much he enjoyed being able to have a few hours for himself safe in the knowledge his wife is being well cared for.
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 MG 8125"I am writing in support of Jenny Chapman whom I worked with professionally for  approximately six  years in her capacity as a Home share Co-Ordinator  for Crossroads which provided day care for  individuals whom are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s . 

She worked tirelessly to support her client’s needs and provided a tailor made service for each person, she works with a great deal of integrity and respect for the service users in her care and in addition to this she is practical and solution focused in her response to crisis. She engaged well with relatives and was flexible in her approach, but almost certainly the most defining quality that Jenny provided to the service users in her care was that she genuinely cared, and this translated in many ways and hence why she was very successful in her groups. She also volunteered for activities such as The Alzheimer’s Café, for which she was part of the core workers involved in providing Dementia care in Redbridge."
Testimonial by:  Dana Webb, Family Therapist/ Psychiatric Social Worker 
Community Mental Health Team for Older People, Goodmayes Hospital. 

"I worked with Jenny Chapman for many years providing support for people with dementia in Redbridge. I worked as the consultant psychiatrist in a very busy memory service.  Everyone loved Jenny and the care she provided. They told me that they knew they could leave their loved ones knowing they would not only be safe but have fun and have been kept busy and stimulated. It was the most popular day respite option with our patients and carers."

Testimonial by: Dr Hilary Kinsler 
Consultant at Redbridge Memory Service 

"I have known and worked with Jenny for approximately 10 years when I was an Admiral Nurse and she worked for Crossroads and ran the Homeshare project. Jenny is very professional in her approach. She is honest, reliable and trustworthy and was very well liked by her service users and fellow professionals. The service users always spoke so highly of Jenny. She always put the service user and their carer first and liaised with other services to ensure that they received the help that they required. The service that she provided was invaluable to the carers as it provided then with a much needed respite break, knowing that their loved one was well cared for by a very caring and trustworthy person."
Testimonial by: Eileen Tan
Memory Clinic Nurse, Redbridge 

 MG 8137"As CEO of Redbridge Epping & Harlow Crossroads Care, I was line manager to Jenny. She was a delight to work with. Jenny has a real passion for people with dementia and their carers; and is a notable champion for their cause. 

She has understanding and compassion and Jenny insisted on making sure that the clients were in the groups most suited to them and not just where there was a space. As to the organisation that Jenny runs I know that she has excellent organisational/management skilłs, people skills and cooking skills.

I am really happy to recommend her to anybody wanting help because of dementia."
Testimonial by: Eluned Santos
Former Chief Executive Officer, Crossroads Care Redbridge, Epping and Harlow


"Before my retirement I worked as a Commissioning Officer for London Borough of Redbridge where I was responsible for commissioning services with voluntary sector organisations to provide respite services for people with dementia. I first met Jenny in 2012 in her capacity as Co-ordinator for the Homeshare scheme which at the time was provided by Crossroads and worked closely with her when monitoring the performance outcomes of the contract. I have always found Jenny to be a very professional, hardworking, passionate and extremely caring person. She has a wealth of knowledge gained from working with people with dementia over the years and she uses this knowledge and experience when handling  sensitive and sometimes difficult situations in a sympathetic manner. I have first-hand experience of how Jenny has provided respite in her own home which also supported carers by looking after their loved ones. Jenny is enthusiastic about offering a wide variety of activities that are tailored to the needs of her clients and works tirelessly to ensure the respite breaks she provides are safe and pleasurable for everyone concerned."
Testimonial by: Glynis Smith
Retired Commissioning Officer, London Borough of Redbridge 

 MG 8148"I've known Jenny since my mother attended her weekly social sessions. Mum so looked forward to going every week and loved Jenny! Jenny would always engage mum with personal inter-action, including flowers/gardening, the theatre and mum's love of music and dancing.  She took so much time to get to know her and what she enjoyed doing. Jenny is an excellent organiser, shows empathy and compassion to others and really does bring out the best in people. It was a real joy to listen to mum talking about her day when she returned home."
Testimonial by: Judy, Former Carer 

"I am Shelagh Conway and I have worked for the Alzheimer’s Society, Redbridge as a Dementia Support Worker and also acting Manager on and off from 2003 till 2015. I have known Jenny Chapman all of that time working in partnership. Jenny was professional and compassionate in all that she did for the service users of Redbridge. I found Jenny to be confident and reliable. Jenny would respond immediately to my referrals, which was very much appreciated and also to any problems that I might encounter with the service user. I would use her vast knowledge of dementia and services in the local area to help in certain cases. We would also liaise with each other to help a particular client if they needed it.

I had full confidence in Jenny Chapman that is why I always referred to her and I knew that the service user was getting the best service that I could arrange. Jenny Chapman was Crossroads and every other service in Redbridge knew of her because she was held in such high esteem by not only the service users, who thought so much of her, but by the other services in Redbridge. I have on occasion spent time at Jenny’s Homeshare and thought it was a fantastic, home from home environment for our service users.  I knew what a difference Jenny made to the lives of people with dementia and their carer because they would tell me and this made me feel proud that I could refer to Jenny knowing that she would do her best for them.  I respect Jenny’s professionalism and integrity and most of all I respect her compassion for the elderly and the vulnerable and wish there were more like her."
Testimonial by: Shelagh Conway
Alzheimer’s Society, London Borough of Redbridge 


"It is my pleasure to recommend Jenny to any family considering care support.  I worked with her for about eight years for Redbridge Crossroads and latterly was supervised by her. As a former Home Sharer I worked with the same client group and their families, offering regular, weekly, home based respite to families, by caring for their elder family members, with either dementia or health issues. 

 MG 8157

Jenny was a first class carer who's "visitors" felt like they were with a kind, cheerful and interested friend. They were made to feel welcome and secure, plus she's a really good cook.

As an administrator I appreciated her commitment, reliability and good humour. I feel certain any family choosing to work with her will be very glad they did."
Testimonial by: Sue Stevens
Professional Care Support Worker


"I have known Jenny Chapman, in a professional capacity, since the year 2000 when Jenny was a Homesharer and subsequently as Homeshare co-ordinator for Crossroads Care.

Jenny was highly respected by the public and voluntary sector agencies that she had forged strong partnerships with and was extremely popular with the carers and clients that she cared for.  

Jenny is the epitome of professionalism; she is highly experienced in her field and demonstrates good practice in all aspects of her working role. She kind, caring, and compassionate and this is conducive to the wonderful care that she gives her clients. Carers can trust that they are leaving their loved one in a safe, warm, homely yet stimulating environment and I would have no hesitation in leaving either one or both of my parents in her excellent care." 
Testimonial by: Anne
Voluntary Sector Colleague

 MG 8300"Jenny cared for my mum for four years during her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. the way that jenny cared for mum was second to none;  she always treated mum with respect and compassion and mum was always happy to see her.  Jenny has a gentle manner and nothing was too much for her, she would often go out of her way to pop in and see mum once mum was unable to walk. Those visits were much appreciated by both my mum and dad.

I would highly recommend Jenny for anyone needing such care as she is a fantastic support to both the patient and their family, she cares for people just like a family member and gave my mum the best care we could have asked for."
Testimonial by: JC

"Redbridge Respite Care Association have been working in partnership with Jenny Chapman for over 15 years.  Jenny is professional and provides excellent day care for service users with dementia; she is focussed and provide a very person centred approach.  We constantly get very good feedback from our service users who find the support she provides invaluable.  Jenny is always available to support our service and makes referrals to us. We have built a very good working partnership and the support we receive from Jenny is second to none." 
Testimonial by:
Redbridge Respite Care Association 

Jenny was a very much valued colleague of mine when I was Business Manager of Redbridge Epping & Harlow Crossroads and she was responsible for running our dementia day service project known as"HomeShare". Under Jenny's competent management I saw the scheme flourish and expand as Jenny brought her empathy, her unique "gift of welcome", her professional competence and in-depth knowledge of dementia to enrich the lives of both those participating in the groups and their carers. I am thrilled that she is now setting up on her own and that people with dementia and their carers can continue to have peace of mind knowing those they care for can also enjoy their day in a safe, accepting, yet stimulating homely environment and enjoy socialising again.
Testimonial by: Karen Kent
Redbridge Faith Forum

"I worked closely with Jenny for almost 2 years, and found her passion for working with people with dementia and their carers and families inspiring. Jenny acknowledges the importance of treating each person as an individual and catering to their unique needs through tailored social stimulation. Jenny is highly skilled at understanding the needs of the people she works with and as a result is able to meet those in a truly empathic way."

Testimonial by: Monique Debsie-Smith
Former Early Intervention Dementia Adviser for Age UK Redbridge, Barking & Havering